Thursday, December 27, 2012

Week 7 Results: 50/100 Faces

You know that feeling when you finally finished a 600 rep workout you thought would take half an hour but took you two? And even after the half hour mark when you went "WTF, I thought I was so badass?" you still decided to keep going? And then when you're done you feel like you need to throw up and you have no idea why you would be stupid enough to put yourself through something like that? That is...until you look in a mirror and realize how effing hot you're getting. Well that was basically how yesterday felt when I sat my ass down and gave myself 3 hours to do 18 drawings....ha. ha. ha. 

I ended up having to use a timer to keep myself from getting too detailed and stuff, so most of these are more or less 15 minute sketches. And here you're thinking...but wait, that should only add up to 4.5 hours, don't be such a wuss! The drawings themselves probably took about 5...consecutive hours. But the research in between killed off another 3 or so. Now after having been so thorough on what I'm gonna call the "Middle Eastern" appearance (I know not all the countries I picked fall under the official Middle East blanket) I feel like I cheated Asia a bit in my last post and rushed through it a bit..Hm.

Something I'm starting to realize though...I could pretty much dedicate 100 drawings to each ethnicity and still have no idea what I'm doing. This "classifying business is hard. I tried looking at multiple faces from the same country and half combining the most prominent features with a photo of a face...stalking people's flickr accounts turns out to be quite handy, hint hint. This was actually my first time drawing faces from the Middle East, and while I feel more confident in creating this appearance now, I still can't point out too many distinctive features without finding a face to completely contradict everything I write here. So here goes (I actually took notes as I drew this time so I'm not just from the top of my head)

  • The almond shaped eye seems to be a key feature of most of the faces I drew. Some countries showed a very prominent lower lid (if you have no idea what I'm talking about look at a Chinese eye and an Indian eye for example) which kind of deepened with age, giving a "sunken" appearance to the eyes
  • The nasal base varies in thickness either being pointy (look at faces from India) to wide (Israel) or even having a "double chin" sort of appearance (yes my vocab is very rich, bite me). One definitely prominent thing was that the nasal base drooped lower than the nostrils for all countries. (score!)
  • Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, And Saudi Arabia had fairly chiseled and square faces, wheras going east, west, or south seemed to show more elongated faces, and softer features (eg. full cheeks)
  • A lot more wrinkles in older age than my previous studies
  • the foreheads don't tend to bulge out or recede, but stay pretty flay and low for most countries. Also the brow ridge isn't as prominent, such as South-East Asia or certain African types
  • The eyebrows tend to sit pretty horizontal, casting a darker shadow over the eyes
  • lips can range from plump to narrow (seems to be in the same range as the sharp/soft features)
  • Eyelashes are super long and dark (who needs makeup?) which pair gorgeously with the dark eyes
  • Egypt seems to have cases of lighter hair and eye colour but most other countries stay a dark brown to black.
Now wasn't that just informative and thorough? And you thought I was wasting time devouring my christmas chocolate (done), watching movies (did that too) and doing not a lot of productive things (wrong). And speaking of good movies, check out that new one "The Best Exotic Marygold Hotel". A really great feel good movie, with some unusual situations, and lovey-dovey shit that makes me get all "shojo-ey". It's nice knowing love can happen whenever, wherever, and you don't have to look like Hiedi Klum to be happy. : D

Anywho...I hard rumours of actual snow outside, and realized I haven't stepped out since last...not sure when, so I'm gonna go clear my head and move on to the next part of this challenge!! 

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