Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 7 Results: 32/100 Faces

So...it's been like a month since I had any activity here...oops. I swear I have been arting my butt off, just  in a more portfolio-oriented way. Then while trying to think of what people would like to see in my portfolio I realized how dumb it would be to create projects just "for the portfolio". Sure it's important to include elements they're looking for in my work but I figured it would be as dumb of an idea as submitting a bunch of animal drawing from random photos or one minute gestures from life drawing....see where I'm going with this? If I can tell if an art piece is "forced" (drawn for the sake of crowd pleasing) then I'm pretty sure the profs at all the schools I'm applying to will be. And considering the calibre of work I see from the students I stalk diligently follow, everything is both amazing and clearly inspired. 

So yeah, I'm back to this. Since this was a project I was having a ton of fun with to begin with, learning a lot from it, and will probably have a few pieces to add to the portfolio as a result along with my personal projects, I say we keep on going! 

But mostly I've been slacking due to workload going up and me doing a bit of overtime for the last month. It's all over now, so I no longer have any more excuses!

So let's talk politically correctly about this weeks results. As you can see, I was focusing on East and Southeast Asian faces...and I did most of these today actually. Could've kept going once I started googling certain high cheekboned, pronounced jawline personalities..ahem. But I stopped myself! Ironically it was interesting trying to find a very "natural" look to people, and I'm sure this will apply to any country I try to find. While the child faces had a very distinct appearance, many adult photos ended up being overly photoshopped or even perhaps involved plastic surgery. SO....I resorted to using weird keywords such as "farmer" or "traditional" to find ACTUAL photos of people, you know, wrinkles and all. Not that asia seems to know what wrinkles are.....> : <

So my summary of "distinct" features for this round? Here goes:

Basically no country looks like any other country. 
Mhm. Sad. And obvious, I know. And here you thought I would help you.

But! I did notice a few little tidbits I'd like to point out. If I'm wrong or offensive, shoot me.

The more south you go (eg: vietnam, thailand):
  • the larger and rounder the eyes. 
  • rounder cheeks in women and children
  • fuller lips
  • broader nose and flatter bridge of nose

The more north you go (eg: mid-north china, korea)
  • babies still have very round eyes but as they grow up they get narrower (200 students in china worth of proof for me is enough)
  • more pronounced bridge of nose
  • bottom lip can both be a single curve or two "pouches"
  • philtrum to upper lip connection is very pronounced
  • sharp, high cheek bones
Colder climates (eg: mongolia, tibet)
  • square jawline
  • soft curves to the face, particularly the cheeks
  • eyes tend to almost slant upwards at the ends
  • hair color tends to be lighter and occasionally have some wave to it

So...that's my 2 cents on the whole bit. Another thing I've noticed more are more...people are just so damn beautiful. Like, every single person, whether it be a classical kind of beauty or a really unique, interesting look. 

And lastly......Merry Christmas!

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