Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to the Challenge!

Hey there,

So what's all this about? Being a bit of a ranter, I'll try to keep things brief and explain. I'm an ex-art student hoping to once again enter the academic world of art, specifically animation, speciafically Gobelins, which boasts to have the world's most difficult entrance exam. (I don't doubt that for one second from seeing the kind of people who get in, here's a link to their 2nd and 3rd year films: Click Me!). So in preparation for my entrance exams, portfolio and for myself, I've decided to create this 20 week challenge, which I hope some of you will join me in!

Here's how it works. I've picked 10 different topics, all of which should help bring your art to the next level, should you chose to fully dedicate yourself to this. Each topic will take up two weeks (I work full time, otherwise I'd knock this down to one topic per week) and you should be able to create anywhere from 25-100 drawings in that time. It's not easy.

I'll be posting all the references I used such as art books, blogs and whatnot to give you an idea of where to get ideas and learn from. (cause contrary to popular belief you don't just sit down with a pencil drawing the same thing and expect it to get better, you need to see your mistakes first) Also all my results will be up so I can make sure to stay on track. (yeah this sounds curiously like a diet plan...)

So I hope to see others join me in this expedition! Take your time, if you need more than 2 weeks per topic, don't sweat it, the important thing is to finish each topic before moving on. It'll help you in the future I promise.

Now go whip your artsy butt into some sexy shape!


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