Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 2 Results: Hands 80/100

So...did my best, but still didn't quite finish. Partly due to getting carried away by these. I started the week with the challenge of 10 different styles:

I used plenty of references, many from good old childhood cartoons like Hey Arnold and Fairly Odd Parents, as well as a few other blogs and interesting pages I found. Links below.

Disney Styled Hands

Really Cool Penwork on this one

A neat style from an artist on DA

After these I decided to work (finally) on the part of the challenge I was looking forward to the least...the forms. And ironically...they turned out to be my favourite ones to work on. Me. Who never uses a single form in my life drawings actually enjoyed structure and stuff. Mostly because I got fed up with following examples from books and decided to just break down the hands based on how I saw them. And here's what happened:

Kinda happy with the playfulness and motion of these. Was doing my best to keep them from getting all rigid like forms usually get when I work on them. And in fact I had so much fun doing this I decided to do my whole animated 10 frame hand rotation in the same fashion. Check it out!


This was waaay harder to do than I thought. So many things to keep in mind! Perspective, form, picturing how the hell one thing rotates and its affect on other parts. It's far from perfect, but I think it's a decent start.

A few last notes, here is an incredible blog site dedicated to resources and amazing tips for drawing:

FYeah Art Tips

And lastly and importantly: If you want to do the challenge, even if just a bit, I would love to link your blog/site/scan or whatever to this page, so message or comment me or whatever, I'll make sure to include them in my work!

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