Sunday, November 4, 2012

Challenge 2: Ethnicity

I was initially considering making this one the facial expression challenge, and started working on that...but! I wanted to challenge myself so I decided to hit up different ethnic groups, only to realize I'm stuck in that drab "whitizing" everyone zone since I've never taken the time to properly study features of different cultures, save China. So...before we get to that, let's rewind and take the time to properly draw some major ethnic groups, then separate those further. Here's how I'm gonna go about this:

Here are the six major varying ethnicities, by that I mean heavily varying facial features between the six. Your first 50 or so drawings should consist of these, spread out between different age groups (aim for kids, adults, elderly)
Middle Eastern

For the next 30, pick certain variations of the major groups and try more drawings of them. Eg: Central Asians vs. Southeastern Asians...whatever you want. (My god its hard not to somehow sound offensive in this entry..)

These 80 drawings can be anywhere from line art to rendered shit like the one I did above, up to you.

And....for the last 20, go friggin crazy! Cartoonize (try not to get offensive here) in any styles and mediums you like. And here's the hard part. Do it from memory, not references.

Ready, set go!

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