Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 3 Results: 15/100 Faces

Well this is rather embarassing....I started off super obsessed with this challenge 
but all these other projects seemed to get the better of me and I ended up taking
a bit of a break to present you with..not a lot of work. 
I was focusing strictly on black ethnicities, and found very little
guidance from my dear old internet. I found a nifty body type guide with a few helpful
hints, but overall, I ended up gathering photos after photos until I started to notice similarities from face to face. OF COURSE this is complete generalization, no one person looks like another, no country looks like another but overall I did manage to find a few "key" points to make these faces look like they were meant to and not like some whities who spend their days at the tanning salon..

You can enlarge this picture by right clicking it if you can't see all the notes. Hopefully these will help someone out there!

This artist has some awesome resources for drawing features and whatnot. Check out their whole profile!

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