Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 3 Results: Faux Hands 96/100

So....I'm gonna owe you 4 hands, but if I have to draw one more during the next month I'm going to put a bullet through my head. I was going hysterical during these last two studies, particularly the muscle ones. I don't mind anatomy at all, I love drawing large muscle groups and stuff but this. was. just. so. fucking. tedious. But it's done! Not exactly that ideal one week as I had planned but I got through it all and learned a hell of a lot. Now I'm going to stop ignoring hands at life drawing (once I get a conté stick longer than my pinkie nail...). I used two main resources for these studies:

Anatomy for Artists - Eugene Wolff
Drawing Dynamic Hands - Burne Hogarth

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